Art rock from beyond fantasy

The music by Xanima is a creative combination of progressive rock, electronica and symphonic sound design.
Xanima is a strong live act with a powerful stage perfomance, including dancers and actors adding to the live show experience.

The new EP "EYES ONLY" is available HERE

Eyes only

Jade Ell: vocals, glockenspiel, piano
Pelle Händén: keys
Fredrik Söderström: drums
Jan Hellman: bass, stick
Matte Norberg: guitar

Xanima is a dramatic and visual artrock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their music is a combination of pop-rock- electronica with symphonic elements. There are lot of catchy tunes, nice grooves and the album sounds excellent! It's music from the 20th century as we know from the 80's. This second album from Xanima describes the complex journey of a soul that's been chosen to be the model for the whole human kind - a "Prototype: Homo Sapiens". The music was already written by keyboard player Pelle Händén and vocalist Jade Ell in 2011 but it took some time until this year before the album was released.

As to be expected the album is dominated by keyboards played by Pelle Händén who manages to produce some stunning sounds from this instrument. Together with the excellent singing voice of Jade Ell they have succeeded in making an album that's entertaining from beginning to end. Xanima also is a strong live act with a powerful stage performance, including dancers and actors adding to the live show experience. Especially vocalist Jade Ell with her extravagant clothing stands out on the stage. Imagine a whiff of Kate Bush and Evanescence mixed with Toyah and/or Dalbello (remember her hit "Tango"?) and I think you've got a fairly good idea of what to expect from this album. The more traditional proggers among us might have some difficulties dealing with this album but I think even they will have to admit that this is a well produced album that sounds great! The album is consistently good, although there are a few tracks that jumped out and grabbed me more than others.

Examples are the title track "Prototype: Homo Sapiens", "Parallel Universe", "Mantra", "Eternal Truth", and "Sacred Sacrifice". On the tracks "Ritual Dance" and "Confession Chase" the guitar plays a bigger part. The conclusion is that Xanima isn't really progressive rock but just very good music. It's well worth a trip from "Prog Country" to discover new musical territories! If you did like Toyah and Dalbello in the past this is a must listen!Xanima fronted by the radio friendly vocals of Jade Ell, is dramatic and visual artrock to a tee. It's dark, light, fantasy - all put into a dreamy landscape. The songs of this the band's second album, is describing the complex journey of a soul - that's been chosen to be the model for the whole human kind - a "Prototype: Homo Sapiens".

Mixing a creative combination of pop-rock-electronica, this so happens to be a good record. Kinda imagine Kate Bush mixed with a little Evanescence and throw in a bit of Ego Likeness and hey presto! This is not in yer face Rock or Metal by any means, but you could call it 13 tracks of catchy Electro Pop-Rock with elements of Prog if you so wish,
laid back at times, up tempo at others.
The album is a consistently good one, although there isn't any particular track to my ears that actually jumps out and grabs you, although I do rather like 'A Given Oath' as being one of my faves from the record - an upbeat catchy number. The band's website is at and the video to a track from the album 'Ritual Dance", can be viewed here. Worth checking out, it has our seal of approval here. - Ravenheart!... 8.25/10 (Dave)
It's certainly very modern in sound making generous use of samples, loops and synths yet there is an underlying rock element to the proceedings - not to men- tion some quite glorious melodies, hooks and vocals from Jade Ell.
Jag fullkomligt älskar de hårda syntharna, Jade.Ell's väna röst och de otroliga arrangemangen. XANIMA måste vara helt ensamma om att låta så här just nu, för jag kommer inte på något modernt att jämföra med. Unikt helt enkelt.
Extended Mix
An album of great diversity, electronically arranged tracks like "Caged," "Soaring" (think Balligomingo!), "Short Sighted" and the upbeat "Into The Lens" include lush multi-layered vocal work and are reminscent of Enigma or Delierium. Xanima can rock alongside Evanescence and Scandinavia's greatest metal bands including Epica, After Forever, Within Temptation and Nightwish
Her vocal work will to broaden listeners interests and help them stray further from
female singer songwriter to explore the rich arrangements, gothic textures
and progressive rock romantacism of Xanima.
Musical Discoveries
Musica originale, bellissime melodie, grande groove e grandi sonorità sinfoniche. Una grande produzione, grandi sonorità e spettacolari riff chitarristici compongono un disco interessante e davvero unico ! Da non perdere!
If you are a fan of strong female vocalists - or simply open minded and seeking something different - you might want to give this one a spin.